Most influential factor of happiness – career wellbeing

By Stride Ahead

An individual strives to make his/her career successful to gain happiness and satisfaction in his/her life along with the providence of his/her needs for survival. When you invest so much time in making a great career, why not pay some attention towards its wellbeing. Research shows that career wellbeing is the most influential factor which affects happiness. 

“Career wellbeing in simple words is the experience of feel-good about the work you do.”

If your career wellbeing is higher, you tend to be much happier, healthier and successful and vice versa. Career wellbeing need not be paid work, it also includes school, college during your student life, since the ultimate goal is to make a prosperous career. Individuals who enjoy their work have a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life and leads to satisfaction and achievement. All these cumulatively finally leads to positive wellbeing of health, both mental and physical.

So, how will you rate your career wellbeing? Confused? Never thought about it?

The first step is to evaluate your feelings related to your career. 

Wellbeing has different meanings to different individuals and one cannot rightly decide when to see an expert. There is a lot of hesitation and skeptical thoughts about when to approach for this support. 

Hence, I am broadly listing out the signs you need to pay attention to or ask yourself –

  1. Are you stuck in a career rut and unable to come out of it
  2. Check these low career wellbeing signs -fear of future,
    lack of work-life balance, low job satisfaction, poor work relationships, lack of confidence and self esteem, decreased productivity, need to reset mindset, rigidity, stress at work, etc. 
  3. Do you like what you do each day
  4. Is stress at work consuming your personal life
  5. Do you get enough sleep

Few tips to follow for career wellbeing –

  1. Understand why you are at work
  2. Talk to people who you trust and respect
  3. Realise your strengths and use them
  4. Understand what is important to you
  5. Have a reality check of the expectations of the career field

Improve your career wellbeing with us at Stride Ahead. We provide one to one mentorship to help deal with issues related to career wellbeing. Take our career wellbeing assessment to check your score here –

Visit us at to book your first free call with our expert. Stride Ahead brings this exclusive combination, first of its kindpsychologists and life coaches together to address all the concerns together. This collaboration of the client, psychologist and life coach will enable the client to have career-focussed sessions where they will learn about managing their mental health and targeting their career path.

Apply the science of happiness with us!

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