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Why Mentorship?

'Mentoring: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership'

It is often said, “What you learn late in life, teach someone early so they can be ahead of the curve”. At Stride Ahead, that’s exactly what we strive for. We want to build a dynamic community of mentors who will use the knowledge they have in their domain and the insights such as their journey, failures, successes, learning path, recommendations, do’s and don’ts that they’ve gained from personal experience (hard to find in a book) to enlighten the younger generation. Come, be a part of this fulfilling journey.

Stride-Ahead is aiming to build a global Mentorship platform dedicated to the age group of 15 - 25 years. We believe that with our experience, we can provide the necessary guidance and information to students which is usually missing in the curriculum and classroom teaching but is much required at the early stage of life specially in this fast paced digital world.

Role of a Mentor

Long term mentorship

This involves Providing students with career counseling and long-term mentorship in which you will try to solve any personal or career-related problems of students

Live sessions on trending topics

Everyone needs insights and practical aspect to kickstart their journey. So, getting those knowledge directly from your expertise will enable them to take right decisions and gain the perspective which they need. Remember, We are here to teach Problems , not tools.

Content curation

Collecting relevant data sources and share it with our platform so that mentees get benefit from your expertise

Questions and Answers

Mentors are suppose to provide answers to all the queries asked by mentees to help them in taking right career and personal decision

How just a pinch of live sessions and recommendations, with a spoonful of mentorship and a lot of brainstorming helps students gain clarity for their career
Ajay Singh
Payal Gupta
You have reached the right platform- Stride Ahead Here on this platform I look forward to engaging with all of you with whatever quarries you have so that you don't have to struggle anymore. Looking forward to meeting you all.
Pooja M.Phil in education
I am a mentor and subject matter expert in stride ahead. I look forward to engaging with you all through my webinars, blogs, live session and other various platforms. In so many years I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, tips and tricks which have helped me grow as a professional.I would love to share that knowledge with you through the platform of stride ahead so that you don't have to go through the problems that i face.I am here to help you whenever you need me. Connect with us on stride ahead so that I can guide you and you can grow as a professional.
Prakriti Pandia Counselling psychologist
I am a mentor and subject matter expert at stride ahead. My area of expertise is finance and accounting. I am looking forward to share my experiences, learnings, tips and tricks, the framework I used to follow through my sessions, blogs, webinars etc. I believe with little guidance and push we can avoid the common mistakes that people tend to do in their early years. So you can reach out to us, we are there to help you.
Priyanka Gupta Assistant professor , GGSIPU
Stride ahead is a very envisage platform which has a community of best of mentors and psychological experts to provide guidance to students in their respective field.They have a very different and unique approach towards learning which helps in enhancing students skills such as logical reasoning,critical thinking,organisational behaviour,creativity etc which brings out the best in students and discover their full potential.
Ajay Singh Mentor
I provide hands on exposure to my students and believe in providing them with deep learning experience. I’ve been helping students to set career goals and provide them with the best framework. Being a mentor, it gave me an opportunity to assist my students in taking the right career decision, gain work experience, acquire and improve skills and bag a job through its platform. I believe learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast change. Every experience is meant to teach something new and I look forward to my valuable inputs.
Payal Gupta Project Manager

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