How to Alter your Interest into a Dream Career

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Understanding what is an interest :-

Anything that excites your curiosity or makes you want to know or learn more about something can be broadly called an “interest”. Interests are personal desires to learn about something and are varied in nature. Few interests are short term, while many are long term and are consistent across lifespan. Further, interests can lead to developing a hobby or making a career

So, what are career interests?

Career interests are your personal preferences related to work activities and environment. High paying jobs are not pre-requisite for job satisfaction but knowing your career interests and making a career out of the same is essential for happiness and satisfaction at work. Knowing your career interests will help you to make informed and strategic decisions about career choices. Following your career interests means making a career in an area that will make optimum use of your talent and align it with your preferences and values. 

“However, to make a career decision based on your interests, you need to discover and realise your career interests to explore it further to find out what you will enjoy doing each day.” 

Why is knowing your career interests important ?

Career interests reflect your preferences in the work environment. This makes it very essential to know and understand the importance of career interests. 

“Aligning your career with your interests which will not only fetch you income but has several benefits.” 

Some of them are a follows –

Job satisfaction – 

Job satisfaction is an important aspect which affects the overall wellbeing of an individual. It is a main criterion for happiness in life. It is also related to your sense of identity and achievement. Career satisfaction is found amongst individuals who have found their career interests and turned it into their dream career. Hence, knowing your career interest is necessary. 

Informed and strategic career decisions

 You should always make informed and strategic career decisions. Making a career decision in haste or uninformed will not only lead to boredom at work but also affect your productivity. Make decisions which are well thought of and scientifically based. 

Success at work

 Success depends on the amount of hard work you put into any task. And the key to success is doing the right work with full heart. You will be able to do that only if you like the work that you are doing and for that it is indispensable to know your career interest. 

Work motivation

 Imagine doing something which is of your interest, then you will never feel demotivated doing your work. Something that interests you the most and making a career in that field will definitely act as a motivator at work and give positive results. 


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You will succeed and get fame at work only when you actually know your career interest. Your dream career can be attained when you realise your career path. And that is possible only by knowing your career interest. Your dream career will not only give you success but also a sense of individuality. 

How can you find out what your career interests are?

Our Career Interest Assessments is a state-of-the-art career inventory that will assess your career interests and provide guidance on potential careers that are most congruent with your interest profiles. 

Whether you are a beginner looking for help on career planning or a seasoned professional considering career transition, the assessments can help you identify where your interests lie and choose the right career to pursue. 

Our career assessments report shall provide you with information related to your interests and which career clusters are best suited to you to meet your career. 

Why to delay further, take our assessments right away and chalk out your career plan with the help of our mentor.

Take our assessments here –

We, at Stride Ahead, provide mentorship to students, beginners and professionals who want to achieve their dream career and want an opportunity and guidance to draw a learning path with the help of our experts. Do visit to know more about our mentorship programs and book your first free call with our mentors. 

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