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What is the objective of Strideahead?
Strideahead is precisely, an AI powered community-driven community incubator. But let’s be honest, that is a mouthful of jargon to understand. Strideahead is essentially your career companion. Strideahead will empower you by answering the what and how of your career decisions as follows:-
  • What lies out there?
  • What to choose from what lies out there?
  • How to get to my choice?
The next time you take a decision or follow through , you’ll feel much more confident having guidance and information from Strideahead’s teasers/masterclasses, mentorship and content platform.
We not only provide career related mentorship but also in depth care on mental health.Our motto is to provide pragmatic leaders for the future.
What is Stride Ahead Teaser?
Strideahead Teaser, in the true sense of the word, is literally a glimpse into what a career holds for you. Teasers give insight into career options with details, activities, and benefits to help make a student take the right decision. A mentor would be responsible for capturing such a session and enabling exposure through hands-on activities.
What is Strideahead masterclass?
Strideahead’s masterclass is a set of do’s, don'ts as well as tips and tricks from industry professionals on a specific topic from a relevant career. These tips and tricks are essential and quick to apply for a quick boost in your career.When you step into the real world you already will have a lot of insights.
What is the difference between a Teaser and a masterclass?
A teaser is designed to give you a broad overview of a career. The hand-on activities can range over a diverse set of topics and the expectation is not mastery but introduction. Target audience is intended to be anyone who wants to learn about what’s out there.
A masterclass is designed to give you tips and tricks on a specific part of a career. It is meant for a quick boost in performance or productivity in the area and is mostly intended for people who are already operating in the field.
What is Strideahead’s Career Incubation?
For aspirants who are looking to kickstart or advance their careers, stride ahead offers mentorship program where you’ll have 12 sessions by our expert mentors. These mentors with help of our AI engine will run an initial analysis about your skills and traits and careers you are suited for. Your activity on our connected platforms will also be accounted for by our algorithms. In subsequent sessions, you make decisions about the career you’ll choose while also striving for improvements in trails, skills and approach that you will need to make in order for you to succeed at it.
In addition to a mentor, a counsellor and a mentor connect will be assigned to you for better managing your mentorship journey. Your mentorship journey and progress will be trackable from a well designed mentorship dashboard and progress in every session will be tracked, recorded and provided to you and your mentor.
I am generally sure about my direction but don’t need an entire mentorship program to address my doubts. Do you have any solution for that?
We understand that people can have fixed convictions but face intermittent doubts. For that, we created Stride Ahead 1:1 mentorship sessions. Choose from our pool of experts and book a slot with them to address your doubts and concerns.
How is stride assessment engine different from regular psychometric assessments ?
Psychometric assessments is a very broad concept that evaluates candidates personalities and cognitive abilities required to perform the job.But there are certain areas where these tests are unreliable,inaccurate and sometimes easy to influence. We have come up with AI engine technology which basically would cover all the drawbacks of the psychometric tests and would also provide a clear overview of the candidates profile.
When is the right time to take Mentorship?
Mentorship is needed at each and every phase of life, be it school, college or job. Mentor is required to show you the way and make your journey easier to reach the path of success. The perfect time is during the ages of 12- 25 years. As these are initial building blocks of career nurturing, it is very important to show you the proper way and right direction.
Who will be the mentors in various sessions?
We have a network of mentors who are experts in their respective fields.We connect you with the best of professionals of your respective field who will clear all your doubts and also provide guidance in each and every step.Since they have gained a lot of experience they will also guide you through the pros and cons of that particular field . When you step into the real world you already will have a lot of insights.
How long will the session take place?
It depends upon the package chosen by you.It may vary from single session to 3-6 months. We have personalised package for every candidate as everyone is unique and different and we want to bring the best out of them.
What type of plans do stride Ahead provides
We have three types of Career plans :
  • Single time Plan : The candidate goes through the assessment and we provide a full report, conduct a session and suggest courses according to his interests, skills etc.
  • Career push plan: The candidate not only goes through various assessments but also has one to one session with professional experts. We conduct various activities to find out his interest and skills.
  • Career Mastery plan: More sessions,activities,courses,tests etc are conducted during that period.Personalised courses are also recommended to students.We focus on complete holistic development of the candidate.
  • Why does stride ahead focus on mental health?
    We at stride ahead emphasize a lot on mental health.Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and most importantly make right choices. With correct state of mind one can make informed decisions about the future which also helps in selecting the right career path.
    What if I don't know my interest?
    You don't need to worry at all.The candidate goes through various activities,tests,sessions which gives him/her a clear idea of what his interests are.We also provide free content and courses to candidates to explore their level of interest.
    Are the sessions in person or online?
    All the courses are delivered online.You will be able to live stream lectures,interact with your instructor and collaborate with peers in real time from the comfort of your home.
    What does the certification from stride ahead mean?
    They add a lot of value in your profile.We also give linkedIN recommendation and certificates for internship and masterclass.
    I think I am not ready to talk to anyone right now but can I still use your platform to find answers to my doubts?
    We created video QnA for exactly the purpose which answers your questions in the form of video snippets from reliable sources. Feel free to browse from previously raised questions or raise a new one.(Feature Coming soon)
    What is Strideahead’s digital content platform?
    Digital content platform offers you the best of educational web. We have put the best of human minds and AI to generate this content inclusive but not restricted to videos, articles, blogs, infographics etc. that serve the best of the field you are exploring
    Not only that, we want to keep you addicted to learning. So, we recommend the best of educational content based on your patterns while your activity also serves to identify your interests and help you with your mentorship process.(Feature Coming soon).
    What is AI chatbot?
    Our AI chatbot interacts with you in various contexts here and there throughout the lifecycle of your interaction with Stride Ahead platforms. His intentions are plain and simple. He wants to get to know you more in order to help us and our mentors in guiding you better. Consider him your virtual friend.(Feature Coming soon)