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Our Values

Stride-Ahead believes in Democratisation of Career guidance and Mentorship. We find the most relevant Mentors for the Mentees & provide an efficient framework for their growth .We believe in a pure Data-driven based Innovative Approach towards any given problem statement.

Stride-Ahead has 7 basic beliefs and we live them consistently . They fill in as an establishment of our way of life, and they drive the manner in which we work with one another and with our stakeholders. Some portion of Interview process are trying to access if you share these values.

Apart from having above values in our belief system, An ideal Strider possesses these qualities...
How just a pinch of live sessions and recommendations, with a spoonful of mentorship and a lot of brainstorming helped these chaps
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I’ve been working with Stride Ahead for more than a month as an intern in the psychology area. My experience has been great as it taught me so many new things and provided me with so much knowledge in not only psychology but as to how a company works. Overall it’s been very happy and a comfortable experience which gives you confidence as an individual and you can put your best foot forward.
Arzu Ahlawat Intern
It was an awesome experience on the whole. This internship gave me deeper insight on the professional web designing skills. It also taught me work ethics, managing pressure, working as a group. I really want to thank Pratyush Sir for guiding me.
Sai kiran Intern
It was a very fine experience with Strides ahead. I carried out my internship for 2 weeks with them. In a nutshell, I got to learn how to handle instructions, deadlines and how to meet up with the standard of the company. During my Internship, I was given the task of designing a website. It went through the constant cycle of feedback from my mentors which helped in improving the design of the website.It was a journey which will always be a core memory of mine.
Ahmad Intern
Stride Ahead was my first ever internship. It was special and amazing. I got to learn many new things like psychometric testing, making reports. Not just work but I also experienced how to work in a team dynamics, how to corporate with people whom I've never met! It was memorable summer of my life! Thank you Stride Ahead and Team for this wonderful, amazing and unique experience.
Radhika Girish Dharmadhikari Intern

If you think all the above traits are present in you