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Get in touch with successful people belonging to your own field of interest! Have your entrepreneurial growth and career development fostered through our scientifically designed career incubation system.
Psychometric tests alone are not enough, You need data driven, Adaptive & Curated guidance using AI & inputs from Subject Matter Expert. The purpose of SACI is to work on the users directly and provide the necessary guidance to enable them to succeed their Goals and Aspirations

USP of SACI (Stride Ahead Career Incubator)

Career Insights Features & Benefits


Framework is created for productivity, goal clarity and setting, mental health, time management & many more


Holistic Report using Assessments and interactive discussion gives detailed insights with actionable Measures for the student


Upskilling in top trending and Must learn topics handpicked by experts, personalised by AI


1 year online Support for all your Career/personal queries. We are your search engine for any career related doubts


Lifetime Access to Stride Ahead curated Content & Handpicked Mailer Digest


Discounts on additional teaser sessions and online webinars
Action Plans
We will provide various sessions through this program where each session will have some key action points and end results which will help you go closer to your goal


Single time plan

Relevant for: Those who have figured out most of the things but need validation, SWOT Analysis,expert mentoring & community support


Career push plan

Relevant for: Those who have bit idea about their interest but needs a guided path and top notch exposure
Still have some doubts, read these FAQs
What is Strideahead’s Career Incubation?
For aspirants who are looking to kickstart or advance their careers, stride ahead offers mentorship program where you’ll have 12 sessions by our expert mentors. These mentors with help of our AI engine will run an initial analysis about your skills and traits and careers you are suited for. Your activity on our connected platforms will also be accounted for by our algorithms. In subsequent sessions, you make decisions about the career you’ll choose while also striving for improvements in trails, skills and approach that you will need to make in order for you to succeed at it.
In addition to a mentor, a counsellor and a mentor connect will be assigned to you for better managing your mentorship journey. Your mentorship journey and progress will be trackable from a well designed mentorship dashboard and progress in every session will be tracked, recorded and provided to you and your mentor.
I am generally sure about my direction but don’t need an entire mentorship program to address my doubts. Do you have any solution for that?
We understand that people can have fixed convictions but face intermittent doubts. For that, we created Stride Ahead 1:1 mentorship sessions. Choose from our pool of experts and book a slot with them to address your doubts and concerns.
When is the right time to take Mentorship?
Mentorship is needed at each and every phase of life, be it school, college or job. Mentor is required to show you the way and make your journey easier to reach the path of success. The perfect time is during the ages of 12- 25 years. As these are initial building blocks of career nurturing, it is very important to show you the proper way and right direction.
Who will be the mentors in various sessions?
We have a network of mentors who are experts in their respective fields.We connect you with the best of professionals of your respective field who will clear all your doubts and also provide guidance in each and every step.Since they have gained a lot of experience they will also guide you through the pros and cons of that particular field . When you step into the real world you already will have a lot of insights.
What type of plans do stride Ahead provides
We have three types of Career plans :
  • Single time Plan : The candidate goes through the assessment and we provide a full report, conduct a session and suggest courses according to his interests, skills etc.
  • Career push plan: The candidate not only goes through various assessments but also has one to one session with professional experts. We conduct various activities to find out his interest and skills.
  • Career Mastery plan: More sessions,activities,courses,tests etc are conducted during that period.Personalised courses are also recommended to students.We focus on complete holistic development of the candidate.
  • Why does stride ahead focus on mental health?
    We at stride ahead emphasize a lot on mental health.Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and most importantly make right choices. With correct state of mind one can make informed decisions about the future which also helps in selecting the right career path.
    How just a pinch of live sessions and recommendations, with a spoonful of mentorship and a lot of brainstorming helps students gain clarity for their career
    Ajay Singh
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    How can I start, maybe the best thing happened in my life.I was feeling invalidated everywhere, you know like you know that you want to do something about yourself but couldn't.And then you see a way to do it, that is Stride-Ahead for me
    Shubhangi Student
    Stride ahead has provided me opportunities that has been vital in my career both as a cyber security specialist and in management. They have paved the path as per my knowledge and skill set while refining it to such an extent that it has cleared my vision in the field I belong
    Siddharth Student
    Stride ahead is a very envisage platform which has a community of best of mentors and psychological experts to provide guidance to students in their respective field.They have a very different and unique approach towards learning which helps in enhancing students skills such as logical reasoning,critical thinking,organisational behaviour,creativity etc which brings out the best in students and discover their full potential.
    Ajay Singh Mentor
    As I B-School student, I always wanted to apply my learnings and Stride-Ahead helped me in getting Internship at Micrographics India. My mentor, Mr Piyush Gupta was always there for me whenever I wanted. Business Development in pandemic times was very tedious but with constant support of the firm and my mentor I could learn how to generate effective leads. I have gained a lot of experience which will help in my career building. I also had an opportunity to learn new tool HubSpot which comes in handy to keep track of contacts and easy to schedule follow up calls, mails and progresses. I would like to thank Stride-Ahead and my mentor Piyush for giving this wonderful opportunity."
    Kishore Mentee
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