Why is skill development a must-have asset for 21st Century Jobs?!

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skill development

The general notion that we’ll get a sustainable job by having just a college degree is a myth nowadays! The crisis lies in the system where practical knowledge regarding the particular industry is not sufficiently provided. Skill development should be an essential component of all educational curriculum, but unfortunately it is not. 

When we say that practical knowledge is vital, it doesn’t mean we are undermining the importance of theoretical knowledge. While both are needed, practical exposure to cases, development of soft skills, technical skills, and essential skills not only add more flair to the students’ careers, but also help to diversify the choices they can get while trying to find jobs. 

Our youth needs to develop the required skills which are a must in a particular industry they want to get into. There is a direct relation between skill development and employment opportunities

The better skills the youth have, the more job opportunities would create for you!

Skill development is the time one invests in to improve their proficiency, to stay future-ready, any abilities that one follows as a passion, and the ability to complete a task with higher rates of success at the right time. It is no longer a matter of choice. It is crucial to adapt, survive and succeed. 

Upskilling oneself is a process to upgrade and to level up one’s skills and potential capabilities by undergoing certain training and development programs. This leads to the collective experience, more knowledge, and a highly productive performance. Leading organizations are nowadays focusing a lot upon upskilling sessions, training modules, and short-term courses to upgrade their employee skills and performance.

Upskilling denotes the continuous and indefinite process of learning; however, there is at some point a necessity of intended learning by getting into new process training, new subjects, and disciplines, which leads to ‘reskilling’. Reskilling teaches individuals new skills to adapt to the dynamic needs of the market. It makes one acquire new skills altogether and forget older ones. It is like teaching algorithms to a designer and training a painter to become a surfer.

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   Top On-Demand Jobs in 2020

Forbes, one you can’t ignore, is pretty clear about the top trending jobs in 2020. Now jobs may be trending due to a lot many reasons, due to high paid salaries, due to no. of vacancies, due to increasing market demand. The top 15 jobs you find listed in the Forbes countdown is how it looks below:

1.Blockchain Developer

2.Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist

3.JavaScript Developer

4.Robotic Process Automation Consultant

5.Back-end Developer

6.Growth Manager

7.Site Reliability Engineer

8.Customer Success Specialist

9.Full-Stack Engineer (Developer)

10.Robotics Engineer

11.Cybersecurity Specialist

12.Python Developer

13.Digital Marketing Specialist

14.Front-end Engineer

15.Lead Generation Specialist

There are some general data which is gathered by UNICEF which needs to be taken into consideration : 

# By 2030, half of South Asian youth will not be able to find a decent job for the lack of skills.

# In India, as many as 53% will leave secondary school without getting the skills needed for a decent job.

# According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), India’s unemployment rate stood at 8.45%

These data are eye-opening for us, it’s a real picture which needs to be put out in the world, especially in India, so that our youth should know how trends go like in the real world. 

According to UNICEF head Henrietta H Fore – 

Skills of its youth will define the economic status of a country. “Get it right, and millions could be lifted out of poverty. Fail to do so and economic growth will falter, youth despair will rise, and further talent will be lost to other regions,” she warns. 

It’s time for the people, especially youth, to be proactive rather than reactive, and focus on the skills along with the educational degrees so that they can be future-ready, smart and well-informed than anyone else when they enter the professional world. 

But what if you don’t know where to start? 

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