Crack Competitive exams like a Pro!

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crack competitive exams like a pro

“Follow your dreams, trust your journey, its process, and one fine day magic will happen” 

There’s no ‘’one formula’’ to crack competitive exams. But, you need to keep some competitive exam tips in handy before you start preparing for any one of them. 

These are the backbone or the foundation of your exam strategy! It’s better to keep these in mind: 

The first step towards your preparation for any competitive examination is to understand the prerequisites for the examination. You must thoroughly scan through the syllabus of the exam (you can get that easily on the Internet).

Besides the syllabus, you must make a note of the weightage of various subjects, so that you can plan your preparation accordingly. Scanning through a few previous years’ questions papers helps to get an idea about the exam pattern.

1. Make and follow a time table

Once you understand ‘What to prepare?’ It’s your turn to plan ‘How to prepare?’ Make a time-table with both short-term and long-term goals that would help you in timely preparation for the exam. A time table makes you more disciplined and helps you to get rid of haphazardness.

Few points that you can consider while making a timetable are:

  • Set realistic goals that you can achieve (neither too low nor too high targets). 
  • Block your study hours during those times of the day when you think you are the most productive & can concentrate better. 
  • Block more time for the more difficult subject.
  • Do not block study hours at a stretch, block some time for short breaks in between.
  • Making a timetable is easy, but following the same is a more challenging part. Do not procrastinate. The tasks assigned for today must not be pushed to tomorrow.

2. Focus on concepts- No rote learning

Focus on understanding the concepts throughout your preparation. 

Do not adopt a rote learning technique. 

  • Understanding helps you to remember the concepts for a very long period. 
  • Moreover, with a clear understanding of the concepts, you can comfortably handle questions related to those concepts.
  • You can also create your memory tips or interesting acronyms to remember formulae or equations or difficult terminologies.
  • You should always make your short notes in your own way, as they help you to revise a few days before the exam.

3. Self-evaluation is very critical

Studying alone doesn’t make your preparation complete. You must evaluate yourself time-to-time for effective preparation. You must write sample papers for the competitive exam you are preparing for.

You must consider a few points while writing sample papers:

  1. Set up an exam-like environment and attempt the sample paper at a stretch without taking breaks within a specific time. For example, if your exam is going to be for three hours, you must attempt the sample paper also in three hours
  1. Evaluate and analyse your answer sheet well. Quickly scan through the questions for which you gave incorrect answers or couldn’t answer. Do not forget to revise those topics quickly
  1. Check your speed and accuracy while writing sample papers
  1. Sample papers help you to gain confidence and also help you to get used to writing exams. It also helps you to come up with your strategy of attempting the questions. 
  1. Avoid guesswork if there is negative marking in the competitive exam.

4. Start as early as you can –

It’s often said that consistency comes from the beginning, there are no shortcuts to success. When you prepare for any competitive exam, consistency in preparation is important, so that there is nothing piled up at the last moment and you can be clear in your mind. 

5. Manage your time judiciously and stick to the plan – 

Time management is the skill which everybody needs to acquire. Not just in competitive exams, it should be applied in your life as well, as it helps you stick to the strategies or plans which you have made for a particular competitive exam

6. Planning and strategizing is essential –

There is a strategy which needs to be followed. The important thing which needs to be pointed out is –

“Everyone’s strategy is different because everyone’s calibre is different”

  • The common thing is planning and strategizing which is important but it’s up to you at the end which one you need to follow according to your calibre. 

7. Learn from your mistakes – 

  • As mentioned earlier, your mistakes help you show the mirror. 
  • They help you realise your low points which need to be focussed at the earliest. 
  • When you get to know which areas require more hard work, then it’s profitable for you in the long run to crack the competitive exam.

8. Revise your concepts –

This tip needs to be followed whether you want to or not. 

  • Last-minute revision always helps you remember the crucial concepts which are important from an exam point of view. 
  • This not only keeps you in check but also provides the confidence that you “know it all”. 
  • Most importantly, you need to trust your hard work first, because no matter how much you prepare for any competitive exam, if you don’t believe in yourself, then nothing will happen. 
  • Instead of getting demotivated by your early failures, learn from those so that in the future, they don’t happen again. 

These tips are stepping stones for your milestone of cracking a competitive exam. They help you during preparation but will also help you develop a disciplined, methodical attitude no matter what work you do in your life! 

Did you learn something from our exam tips?

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