Do you know the benefits of using LinkedIn?

By Stride Ahead

We scroll everywhere on the web when we look out for an internship or the kind of job which we want. But if we have no idea where to start from or the right place to make connections through which we will land on our perfect destination, then you are reading the right blog.

Any age from being a student or a beginner or a professional – it is the perfect time to be aware of the functionalities of the workplace, social media gatherings, getting the right connections, and most importantly knowing the right platform to accomplish these. The person who is not aware of these essential things can never outdo their competitors in their career life. Times are changing and we need to change our professional drive if we have a desire to be on the same page of the dynamic market competition. 

One such eminent platform which is emerging in recent times is LinkedIn. Some of you might have heard about it but not applied in your professional area. If you haven’t applied yet, then don’t delay any further! 

LinkedIn is all about making connections with the people who are deeply involved in professional spheres and trending in industries or businesses. The main idea behind making connections is they help you reach your professional targets and along with that, networking and endorsements boost your personal brand as well. It leads to a collusive rapport between industry heads, experts, career mentors, entrepreneurs, job seekers and others that helps you jumpstart your career dreams. 

But LinkedIn is not just about making connections, but there are numerous other benefits it provides. All we need to do is to be well-read and leverage the things which can benefit us, especially LinkedIn to be ahead in the career roadmap of our life. 

Let’s consider all the perks one by one to get the real insights of it! 

1.If you’re someone who wants to build your brand, to get a job or earn more business

Since LinkedIn is all about making connections, it gives a boost to your business by giving it more recognition and sales by encouraging people to know about you. And if you are one looking for more job opportunities then it helps in finding one of your interests. 

 2.If you’re someone who wants to get more or better leads.

Every business knows how important it is to get more leads when he/she enters into a particular industry, especially as a start-up. More leads mean more customers and more customers means more money inflow which LinkedIn helps you in. 

 3.If you’re someone who wants to enter business collaborations and partnerships.

While scrolling for connections, you will get to meet more people who are or will be looking for collaborations to get better reach among their competitors. If you and more contemporaries are in the same business then, with your connections you can easily collaborate with them. LinkedIn provides such a platform for you! 

 4.If you’re someone looking to hire an expert.

Many people like you, look out for opportunities on LinkedIn, but it is also a platform for employers as well. If you are a businessman and looking for an expert for technical work then, you can look out on LinkedIn for the same. 

 5.If you’re someone who is looking for ideal clients.

When you find connections, then you usually connect with those whose professional interest area matches yours. This will eventually lead to getting ideal clients for your business. LinkedIn is surely for you in such cases. 

 6.If you’re someone who wants to improve visibility.

LinkedIn doesn’t do all the functions for you at one go. It takes time but if you are consistent in it then it will give the best results in the long run. There will come a point of time where you will appear in one of the best searches in your connections.   

7.If you’re someone who wants to build a professional network through thought-invoking conversations.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for sharing motivating ideas which will directly affect your thought process positively. While building a professional network, you would often come across people who are very much successful in their life just because of their positive attitude towards life and inspiring ideas. You can become one of the best versions of yourself when you connect with such people. 

 8.If you’re someone who just wants to hang out and be a part of conversations from top leaders and influencers.

LinkedIn is one of the top places of some great influencers and the leaders who changed the world through their perspective. To get going despite the negative circumstances, take the help of LinkedIn to get some motivation. 


If you are leveraging it already then keep on exploring it, if not then it’s still not too late to get started. Don’t let your misinformation be the hurdle in your career path. Take the full advantage of LinkedIn, and carve your journey of success. 

Not sure how or where to start on LinkedIn? Visit www.stride, where our skill focused Career Mentorships are tailor-made just for you, from skills that enhance your CV, to fresh insights by Industry Experts on making connections on LinkedIn for top-notch exposure, we cover it all

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Don’t miss this chance to unleash your potential for success. 

Visit www.stride without further ado and take a peek at our delectable selection of mentorship plans, designed just for you! 

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