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A group of industry professionals, mentors, and psychologists, with profound experience in various domains, has identified a burning problem pertaining to the youth. The students entering the stage of college or even through it, are unable to grasp the true purpose of life due to choosing the path based on uninformed choices of peers.

An incredible aid for proper guidance is Stride Teasers!


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The idea of having a mentor around with similar experiences as what I've been through and with enough knowledge in my fields helped me in getting very unbiased and true guidance which gave me the opportunity to shape my career path.
Rohan Data Science Engineer
Stride Ahead has given me a second chance at a career. My lack of communication skills and confidence were easily overcome with the help of a dedicated mentor who gave me exposure and encouraged me to take steps forward.
Himanshu Developer in MNC
Having a clear idea of the path to be followed to reach the goal of a passionate career choice, helped me in achieving the dream. Stride Ahead had changed my perspective and streamlined my vision with their teasers and recommended online content.
Deepali Design Consultant
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