Content Writing

Oct, 2018


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Content Writing

Ever wonder why Content Writing is a necessary skill?

  • Ensures personal growth in all, in terms of verbal and written communication, irrespective of the domain
  • One of the necessary skills additions for any employee to advance in their careers
  • Basic skill needed in school, college and career life to get the point across to the third party
  • Aids in personality development to become a Novelist, Book Writer, Thesis Developer, Researcher, Journalist or Blogger
  • Defines a Company’s identity and purpose to connect and interact with the audience
  • Enables brand expansion through Digital Marketing tactics and processes
  • Plays a vital role in the drafting of Technical Presentations, Reports and Documentation in industry



  • Students would be able to step into any domain bearing the knowledge of Content Writing more confidently.
  • Usage of content writing expertise as well as relevant tools in the industry would ensure a better outcome for every task assigned.
  • The expertise in this domain would ensure the improvement in analytical mindset as well as personality showcase.
  • Psychologically, content writing as a skill would be beneficial for the development of minds of students at a young age creating a stronger foundation of literacy.



What skills would you have inculcated after the Course?

  • Building skills in Verbal as well as Written Language along with capturing pro industrial methods.
  • Building command on Content Creation helping tools & Using them practically.
  • Understanding do’s and don’ts of Content Writing & clarity about possible Career options.
  • Writing better quality content for greater Ranking in search and social engines.



Though no tools are necessary to learn Writing, some are needed for Editing

  • Small SEO Tools
  • Plagiarism Detector
  • Grammarly

These tools are best for students as a guide into writing effective content of the industry level without grammar mistakes, in relevant work count as well as optimized for SEO.

General Relevance

Content Writing is beneficial in Industry no matter what line you choose.

Reason 1 : Learning Content Writing is a plus 1 in a skill set no matter the domain as it provides the kind of confidence when presenting reports, documents and other presentable material in industrial jobs.

Reason 2 : Content Writing is essentially beneficial in case of improving the verbal communication as well. This ensures that you are capable of making your stand in industrial conferences, meetings and debates.

Reason 3 : It also ensures that you can carry out various content marketing and writing tasks for your company as a value addition to your already secured job in any other profile. This is sure to provide you with a better portfolio.


Course Content

Time: 35 weeks

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